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How to maintain your homeís chimney
To avoid chimney fires homeowners should consider inviting a CSAI registered Chimney Sweep to their home to inspect and certify their chimney. Itís also recommended that homeowners consider fitting a cap over the top of their homeís chimney to ensure that debris canít get in to obstruct air flow.
Cowan Chimney Solutions offers:

Chimney relining to Building Regulations 1997, Technical Guidance Document J. Heat Producing Appliances only.

CCTV Surveys for chimney fire Insurance claims - i.e. if you are a house holder and think you may have suffered a chimney fire. We will carry out a professional CCTV chimney survey. If damage has occurred? We will provide a full report to your house hold insurance company and negotiate the claim on your behalf.

CCTV Surveys for potential buyers of new or second hand properties . If you are in the process of buying a new or second hand property, you will want to ensure that the chimney is safe to use. A damaged or badly constructed chimney can not safely contain the products of combustion. If a problem arises after you complete the purchase i.e. smoke/carbon gases entering a living area in your home or your neighbours? It will be too late to re-negotiate the purchase of the property leading to an additional expense in the immediate future i.e. Chimney relining and redecoration. Please contact Patrick on 0872574267 to arrange an inspection before you complete the purchase. For more information on CCTV surveys, click on chimney Inspections in the main menu.

We are Certified (through the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the Chimney Sweeps Association of Ireland ) chimney inspectors and trained to inspect, sweep/clean, remove creosote deposits ( burning unseasoned wood) by chemical and mechanical means, reline and fit multi-fuel stoves.
Carry out professional smoke tests on new and existing chimney flues.

Supply and fit firebacks, chimney pots, cowls, bird guards, rain hats, energy saving caps...

Waterproof chimneys.

Take down chimneys to roof/ground level and rebuild.

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