Basic Dog Training: Obedience Commands & Dog Training 101

Having a puppy schedule in place from the moment you bring your new pup home, is the key to helping create a solid foundation for your pup as they grow into a mature dog. Be sure to praise them calmly so as not to overexcite and distract them. Puppy training is a great family activity that can help you and your entire family bond with your puppy. By starting early, you’ll have a better chance of having a well socialized, confident and properly trained dog.

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  • Your dog has just learned that barking gets you to do what he wants.
  • Adequate contact and affection with humans as well as supervised interactions with other animals will prevent this.
  • A great example is when your dog brings you a toy and barks to entice you to throw it.

In order to develop a positive association with this vocal cue, use it when summoning your dog for rewarding activities like playtime and feeding. A tasty treat is the perfect tool for an owner looking to impart good behavior patterns to their pooch. High-value treats can include safe “people foods” like cheese, peanut butter, and chicken, as well as homemade treats or pungent store-bought soft chews. If your dog is picky or has a sensitive stomach, you may have to experiment a bit until you find a food that motivates them in training without getting them sick.

As with many other dog breeds, it is necessary to get this done every few months. After your corgi puppy is officially separated from its mother, it’s time to introduce it to the environment. That’s pretty much all you need to commit to during the first 16 weeks.

​7. Test the training out of

Hi, I’m Chasity AbendrothI’m the breeder behind Yellow House Yorkies located in South Carolina. At Yellow House Yorkies, we raise our dogs in our home right alongside our family… The puppy will play and frolic in the company of other puppies as well as have a proper rest, regular meals and training. All this is happening under the supervision of our staff.

Schooling goal No . 5: Becoming alone

When you get your new dog, you shouldn’t wait too long before you start training it. The longer the dog goes without sufficient training, and the older it gets, the harder training it will be. While puppies have short attention spans, they can generally learn certain commands within their first few weeks of being alive. Whether you are training your dog to sit, to be housetrained, or anything else, the training tips in this article will help the process be as simple as possible. Using a visual cue, like hand signals, is a great way to enhance your dog’s training. It is best used with short and simple commands, but many of the basic commands are used in most aspects of your dog’s daily routines.

But we’ve unfolded the decision-making process in much simpler terms in the article here. To get your puppy to master generalization, decide on 4 different places in your house and yard to practice this with your puppy – start with easy things your puppy knows. ‘Hands off’ training means no pushing on bottoms or forcing them into positions – your puppy needs to work it out for themselves without force or compulsion. Let’s take the training up a gear and start really communicating with our puppies – having them ‘sit’ when we ask them to. Teaching your puppy to walk on different surfaces is a pretty good way of teaching them some confidence for when they’re ready to go outside. Similarly, if you have a dog bred to herd livestock, you’ll want to do more work around wildlife and give them an outlet for all that chasing.

#25: Don’t overly rely on treats

Your visitor is probably not thrilled to be jumped on by a 50 kg dog. Besides, it is a form of obedience if your dog does not jump on people. The infographic shows different types of rewards that can help your dog in training. It’s best to choose a secluded area such as a meadow or dirt road for dog training. It is not a good idea to vary an exercise from time to time.

Training is much more effective if your furry friend is not distracted. Cars, other dogs or noises are much more interesting than training. But the exercises require your dog’s full attention.

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