​CCTV Chimney Surveys

​CCTV Chimney Survey & Chimney Inspections

No homeowner should assume his or her chimney is safe for use without a thorough examination, both exterior and interior. Rain, flue gases, and freezing moisture cause erosion and deterioration in chimneys. Breaks in the chimney liner–even small ones–can allow combustion gases and condensation into your home.

In the past,the examination of the chimney interior involved either an ineffective flashlight and mirror or the expensive disassembly of part of the chimney to see problem areas. Now with our digital video inspection service, it is easy to obtain an accurate evaluation of your chimney’s interior.

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We are now able to show you the following unsafe chimney conditions, if they exist: Improper new construction, Chimney fire damage, Deterioration from gas & oil appliances, Cracks, even hairline cracks in flue liners, Broken or missing tile liners and mortar joints, Hidden breechings, Nests, and other blockages.

The increased use of fireplaces and wood heat has resulted in an increase in chimney fires. When conducting a damage investigation to a chimney fire, our digital video colour camera can give you and the Insurance loss adjuster the reliable information you need. An examination soon after the fire can determine the cause of damage.

Accurate information is important for making decisions about a chimney
Purchasing a new or second hand property
Changing from a solid fuel open fire to a solid fuel stove.



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