We offer multiple services:

General Chimney Sweep 

(1-2 Storey House)

Bird Nest Removal 

Please note that a camera is required to ensure all nesting material has been removed.

​ This service includes chimney sweeping.

CCTV Chimney Inspection

Chimney Scan 

1-2 Storey House 

CCTV Inspection Vimeo link & Report 

1-2 Storey House 

CCTV Inspection Vimeo link & Chimney Fire Report

1-2 Storey House

Chimney Sweeping & Level 1 Inspection

Estimated Time @ 30 Mins


Bird Nest Removal 

Estimated time @ 1 Hour +

Please don’t have your fire lighting the night before or on the day of arrival.

Please provide easy access to the fireplace or multi fuel stove.

Gas-once a year

Oil-Once a year

Smokeless coal – Once a Year

Wood & Turf – Once per season while in use.

Bituminous Coal (Not Smokeless Coal) – at least twice a year

Always call and enquire if you’re concerned about your chimney. 

ie: soot falling onto the fire grate, smoke spilling back into the room.

Yes your multi fuel stove chimney is the same as an open fire. Please see fuel guide above.

Yes, the type & quantity of fuel burned directly

 affects the frequency your chimney will require cleaning. 

Please see our fuel guide above.

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