General Fire and Chimney Safety

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

1.5.1 Carbon monoxide: To ensure proper combustion and removal of the products of combustion a heat producing appliance should be correctly installed and regularly serviced. The provision of an alarm in accordance with the guidance below should not be regarded as a substitute for this.

1.5.2 Carbon monoxide alarms: Where a new or replacement open-flued or flueless combustion appliance, not designed solely for cooking purposes, is installed in a dwelling, a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm should be provided:

(a) in the room where the appliance is located, and

(b) either inside each bedroom or, within 5 m (16 ft.) of the bedroom door, measured along the path of the corridor.
**Building Regulations 2014 Technical Guidance Document J Heat Producing Appliances.

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