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I advise all my customers on Health & Safety issues in relation to potential chimney fires and carbon monoxide intrusions.


​Our chimney sweep service ensure’s your fireplace and/or stove is fully sealed to stop any soot or debris entering the room. The chimney will then be swept and any debris and soot will be removed from the premises.
No homeowner should assume his or her chimney is safe for use without a thorough examination, both exterior and interior. Rain, flue gases, and freezing moisture cause erosion and deterioration in chimneys.
If there is doubt about the condition of a chimney, or an old chimney is to be put in use after a long period of disuse, it is advisable to have it smoke tested. A smoke test should be carried out by a qualified person

There are many chimney cowls on the market for different reasons/uses.
We can fit a chimney bird guard/rain hat to your chimney pot to prevent bird & moisture ingress. Please note, bird nesting materials can potentially block a flue causing smoke and carbon monoxide to enter the property.

Please be advised all gas, oil and solid fuel heating appliances require oxygen for complete and successful combustion.Building Regulations recommend that a permanent ventilation opening to external air be fitted when using any of the aforementioned heating appliances. We provide a full air vent installation service.

It is our mission to prevent chimney fires and potential carbon monoxide intrusions.

Professional & certified chimney sweep with 32 years experience.

I provide expert advice on solid fuel stove installations ensuring the appliances have been professionally installed to Building Regulations 2014 Technical Guidance Document J. Heat Producing Appliances.
I advise all my customers on Health & Safety issues in relation to potential chimney fires and carbon monoxide intrusions.


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How do you know your chimney has suffered a recent chimney fire?

There are two types of chimney fires:

This chimney fire is very loud, there can be flames shooting from the chimney pot.

We have had clients say that it was like a helicopter hovering over their house or a train going right through their front door as the whole house was shaking.

The second type of chimney fire is a flash fire, which is silent & slow burning.

The only indication is the costly damage left behind.

This damage can include:

"Clean Chimneys do not catch fire."

- Chimney Safety Institute Of America